Immigration services

For foreign citizens who have come to Ukraine, we provide comprehensive support for the registration and receipt of the following documents:

Work permit: a document that issues an employment center and entitles you to formal employment.

Registration of service cards: a document issued by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine entitles you to official employment

Tax payer card — why do you need this document?
- When paying income from which taxes are withheld, in particular, when applying for a job, it is necessary to provide information about the tax number to the employer, who will pay salary and other income;
- To open a bank account, in the calculation documents for non-cash payments;
- When you pay taxes, fees and file a declaration of income, property, etc.
- When you register property, the rights to it, etc.;
- When registering a car;
- When registered as an entrepreneur, you get licenses, patents, etc., as well as when registering independent professional activity;

Health insurance. Insurance is an important and obligatory document without which it is impossible to obtain a visa and in the future a temporary residence permit. Our company will help you with your insurance.

Obtaining a visa (working and family reunification) - Long-term visa (visa D) is the basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. Our managers will advise you and collect all the necessary package of documents, help to fill out the questionnaire. As a result, you will be able to get a visa quickly.

A temporary residence permit is a document that confirms your right to legally reside in Ukraine for the duration of this document. Of the entire immigration procedure, this document is the most complex. Our team will accompany the entire process from collecting documents to receiving it.

Registration of residence — after obtaining a temporary residence permit, it is necessary to register the place of residence in the CNAP. By law, after obtaining a temporary residence permit, a foreigner has only 30 calendar days to register. Our lawyers will help you register your place of residence;

Notary translations of documents — we work with translation agencies and notaries. We will help you make all the necessary translations. Certificate of non-conviction — a certificate on the presence or absence of a criminal record - a document issued by the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine contains information about the absence or presence of a criminal record of a person in Ukraine.

Apostyl is a special stamp confirming the authenticity of signatures, the status of persons, seals on official documents. Apostil makes these documents valid in all countries participating in the Hague Convention. The cost of apostil varies depending on the body that issued the document.

The notary proxy — arrange a meeting with the notary and collect all the necessary documents for the registration of the power of attorney.

Legal advice — we will advise on the stay of foreign nationals in Ukraine.

Extending and amending documents

Accompanying the family documents will be escorted and will help to obtain documents for the family members of the foreigner.

Annulment of documents — after the end of work in Ukraine, cancel and hand over the original documents to the relevant authorities.