Employee relocation program

You or your employees moved to Kyiv and do not know in which area it is better to find an apartment, what school to pick up for children, then you come to us. We work only with proven and reliable real estate agencies in Kyiv. Finding suitable housing is quite a troublesome and responsible process. Call us now and we'll answer all your questions.

Finding a home

A very important stage of the move is to find suitable accommodation. In Kyiv, the real estate market is not as developed as in Europe, and the price of rent can be much higher. Our professional realtors will help the client to find an apartment in accordance with his requirements and in the shortest possible time. The cost of our services includes a selection of apartment options, escorts on our car (for 6 working hours), the services of an interpreter.

Agreeing and signing a lease with the landlord

As an intermediary between the client and the landlord, we provide legal support in the drawing and negotiation of the lease agreement. We will do everything as quickly as possible and, if possible, with the least involvement of the client, so that the negotiation process was as comfortable as possible.

Organizing the race

Our professionals will draw up the act of receiving and transferring property, remove the meter readings, organize the transfer of keys and enter your new apartment.

Organizing an exit

We will prepare an act of receiving and transferring property; arrange the transfer of keys to the landlord.

Finding a school

In Kyiv, there are 4 schools that choose families of foreigners for their children. Depending on your preferences and knowledge of children, our professional will help to find a school that is most suitable for your child.

Opening a bank account

Our team is always happy to advise you and help you collect the necessary package of documents to open a bank account. Our manager will accompany you to the bank and help with the choice of bank services package for English-speaking customers.